KC programs are based to provide a positive school experience, on that will stimulate learning through exploration and encourage independence. KC children learn best through play. Incorporating early learning concepts in a relaxed, small group atmosphere encourages increased retention and teacher/child interaction. Introducing children to social concepts such as respect, pride, and a love of learning is, to me, equally important as introducing math, language, and science concepts.






4’s Children learn best through play. The 4-year-old program is designed to provide a safe and nurturing environment in which children can learn through a wide variety of activities. It is our goal to make this experience a positive one for your child. We will engage in a variety of activities that encourage growth in all areas of development including; physical, intellectual, emotional and social. My philosophy is to keep learning fun, to teach with patient, love and care. Let them learn at their own pace, as naturally as possible through the course of daily life.bird

3’s Preschool children often learn through play. Incorporating early learning concepts in a relayed group atmosphere can encourage increased retention and teacher/child interaction. Introducing children to respect and pride for one’s self and others and a love of learning is to me equally as important as introducing colors, shapes, numbers and letters.

2’s *Develop positive feelings of self worth and inner strength. *Learn to interact with others respecting there rights and feelings. *Learn to solve problems and resolve conflict ion by expressing there feelings in appropriate ways. *Grow towards physical, emotional, social intellectual and spiritual maturity.

6 months~17 months  Infants in KC are treated with respect and the infant center are provided with maximum protection, safety, security, babyand efficiency. We will make sure that the infant center feels like home and experience the same comforts of home while they spend the day with us. There are toys, activities, and infant equipment that was carefully picked for the infants to enjoy. We also provide good learning experience for infants at age 18 month. The parents can leave their baby with us and feel confident that their infant is being cared for in the most loving way.